Friday, May 21, 2010

Relocating to Florida

I have finally found a place in Hollywood Florida which is in between Fort Lauderdale and Miami which is perfect for me.  School in Fort Lauderdale 15 minute trip and be casual in Miami which is also a 15 min trip.  I decided to live close to Fort Lauderdale because i was told that traffic is a nightmare depending on the times so i did not want to take a risk and go the shortest distance. 

 The place i got is a three story townhouse, 3/3 top floor is the master bed and bath (not me), the second has two rooms the kitchen, living room, laundry room, and a bathroom.  The first floor just has a full bath.  For $600 a month thats not a bad deal and utilities are taken out of the $600.  This place is in walking distance to downtown, 15mins, hell i'll take that im 23, by then 24, work out all the time i can use the extra exercise.

Knowledge for thought-----i just need a job now..

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