Thursday, June 23, 2011

Plate ups


Plate ups, a set on Flickr.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


I love culinary school so far, even though i got stitches, its going good so far.  I'm about to start studying Asian cuisine heavily.

Other then that time to move on with this B.S. job and B.S. place im living in.  The job is terrible because i have to rely on customers to buy the high dollar wines, the high dollar foods, and order alot of food.  I have to rely on the customers to tips a certain percent and rely on the server that he or she wont mess up the order.  Then I have to clean up after grown ass men and women who think they are on top of the world.

Pretty much a bus boy in this day in age is like the plankton in the sea, you know its there but you cant really see them nor pay attention to them.  Then again half the time when these stuck up people ask me a question and see how i respond they realize im educated.

Knowledge for thought----> Keep an open mind.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hollywood (south) Florida

Well i've been here for around a week and a half and im loving the scene around here.  There is a downtown in walking distance filled with bars and restaurants.  I've picked my favorite which has a spanish element!!

School is great,by the way.  I payed $1400 alot of money right??  But i got three uniforms, full knife set, $90 credit and all the books i will need for the entire time i am there.  Most classes are hands on i only have one this semester 10 hr a week.  I can get use to 1 class a day!

Now i might have a bite for a job and i'm going to make this job work!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Food Time!!

An interesting recipe for a sauce came from menshealth magazine.
1 TBSP mustard any kind
1 TBSP soy sauce
1 TBSP honey
1 TBSP brown sugar
1 TBSP cayenne pepper
1/2 TBSP sesame seed oil

This glaze works well with any fish.  First cook the fish on one side, in a pan that can go into the oven at 450 degrees.  In about two minutes flip the fish, apply some sauce and place back into the oven.  Do this again for the next two minutes.  Pull the fish out and place fish on plate and pour sauce onto fish, rice, or anything else on the plate that you want to have that flavor.

knowledge for thought=======>>>>Enjoy a healthy meal

Relocating to Florida

I am excited one week out from moving to Florida and live my dreams as a cook down there.  Most people would consider New York, or California or Las Vegas.  I like the south Florida atmosphere better and thats why i chose to move to south Florida and live down there for good hopefully.  I got another whip because parents did not think the truck i had would last, now i gotta sell it before i leave, which wont happen. 

Once again i need to find a job down there for the evening times and i want to be a bouncer on the weekends which is good money, as i have heard.  Good thing for my grappling background or i would have never thought to be a bouncer on just strength alone..


Comes to the point that we live in a time and era that we get things simply because we want something.  For example, my dad has an ipod, iphone, ipad, imac and soon that itv thing for the tv.  But I think when it comes to technology it can be understood.  For more realistic examples is that most of us eat when we want to not when we have too.  Drive past someone and say, "I'm in the mood for this or that" instead of, "I'm starving what can i eat."  Walk past a store in the mall and think i need to have those shoes or jacket, wear it for a month or two and dont wear it again.  Hell i havent bought an item of clothing in a while, does that make me cheap or dirty?  Perhaps I have better use for my money like gas, food, and alcohol for some strange reason. 

While we eat when we see something good, which is ok because that is psychological,  others around the world have to decide to either eat or drink water.  This past weekend when i was volunteering, at a table there was a collection of bottles half way emptied of water and the person did not take it.  There was around 7 bottles i threw away and made me sick that people in Haiti were killing each other over that and we can just walk away from it.

We have came to an age in which we use every resource known to man and realize, oh sh!t we might run out of this or that lets find other ways to create, consume, save energy.  Which is a good approach but selection when we use everything like there's no tomorrow.  This may sound corny but Agent Smith in the matrix made a revelation that a human being isnt a mammal.  I can say this is true because, unlike humans, mammals adapt to their environment and ecosystem  and live with everything around it.  Us humans on the other hand consume consume consume and then move on somewhere else multiple and do the same thing.

Knowledge for though======>>>

Monday, June 7, 2010

Attention Span While Driving

 What happen to going from point A to point B safely and fully aware?  Not anymore.  We care more about food, music(for me), phone calls, texts, etc.  Driving is described as a controlled operation of a land vehicle. Is getting something in the drive through really going to be cold by the time you get home?  MICROWAVE.  OVEN.  Or even better.  COOK THE FOOD YOUR DAMN SELF.  Eating and driving disgusts me more than people evading my personal space ( 60/40).  I was guilty of this act when i was younger when i didnt know what a moving vehicle can do to another moving vehicle.  I dont care how hungry you are and if you are pull over, eat, gain weight, then be on your way. 

Phones and driving i was guilty, a little am, in the past of using the phone and driving at the same time.  But then again when you drive a manual you get use to multitasking so it doesnt seem like a crime to us.  No text is too important not to answer its like an email.  It gets sent there is no urgent option so you do not have to read it asap!  Phone calls while driving, researchers now say even when you have a blue tooth device you will still be distracted the same as if you didnt have one in.  What I do is when someone calls either call them back when im not driving anymore, answer and say i'll call you back, or just take a voicemail.

People need to realize they are in control of a 2-3 ton machine and any little jerk here or there can mane or even kill people including yourself.  Of course people do not realize this on the main interstates going 70mph plus on the phone or eating or texting.  You are liable for the actions that happen between you and the car.  When something happens you rear end someone or fender bender my take is no excuse.

knowledge for thought----->>>>People are getting to comfortable when driving which leads to accidents