Friday, May 7, 2010


Just did the online orientation which basically was a quiz asking me questions on navigation and what not.  I mean if I can write blogs, have a B.S. in computer science, it can't be that hard right?  WRONG!!!  It was the hardest thing I couldn't have done.  There were 12 questions with no time limit and you can retake the test as many times as you want to as long as you get all 12 questions right before classes start next week!!!!

Sigh *smh it was rough.  Good thing is my loans went through fine, at the last moment like the really last moment, all i have to do now is find a place to live and a job.  My dad wanted me to live on campus but since this school works on the quarter system, and going to a semester based school, which meant i would have to pack up all of my stuff multiple times a year and drive back to Va from  Fort Lauderdale, FL.  Lets see that would average around $400 each trip four quarters so $1600 a year to just travel from home to school if i lived on campus.  The campus is weird too because it is 3 miles from where you are actually doing you're studies.  Plus it would have cost $655 or something like that a month for each quarter.  Doesn't sound bad for rent right?  Its just for one room, utilities, and sharing a bathroom.  So it would be just like a regular school's room and board.  So why not just live off campus and pay $600 or $700 for a living room, kitchen and alot other things?

Knowledge for thought-----I am excited!!!

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