Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Opinion aka Point Of View )POV(

Someones personal opinion is what his or her take is on what is going on, what happened, what will happened and so on and so on.  Not really recently but for as long as I can remember people have been shooting each others opinions down if it conflicts with theirs.  One good example is Religion.  When one persons view of God is conflicted with another that religion is typically named as 'wrong' or a 'bad interpretation' of that religion.  Why do we think this?  Is there such thing as a persons own choice to view the world in his or her own eyes and not through the eyes of others?  I highly noticed this one year in college when a local christian church has invited Muslims to share their belief to whomever wanted to listen.  It was the persons choice to leave before the Muslims came their if they did not want to hear or believe what the Islam faith is but they stayed.  When the Muslims were speaking on how they view God and his prophet questions were asked multiple times making references in the bible on how to reference God and his prophet.  Then I constantly keep hearing, "They are wrong.  That's not right because God is this...God is that."  This sickens me more than anything else claiming a religion is wrong, what makes either religion superior than one another?  Not to mention that Christians and Muslims engaged in the Crusades which also, on another level, tried to showcase which religion is superior to one another.  In my opinion  no religion is superior or above the law than any other and all religions should carry the same merit in the world. 

In this day and age person opinion has no merit.  If someone asks you a question and you give him or her the your point of view and if it does not agree with the other person then you are either being mean, rude, disgusting, and the list goes on and on.  This is another incident in which a persons Point of View has no weight.  In todays world we all want to act and think alike which is a very bad concept to uphold without choice the world would be a very boring and sad place.  The world would be like those government controlled society movies in which every person is the same, no variety, no choice.  People want other people to dress, walk, talk, eat, drive, play, behave in a certain way that is similar to them.  Choice is what makes us have different point of views.

Another incident in which we contradict each others opinions is in POLITICS.  We argue that this side is the wrong side to be on because of this that and this.  Or that this side is bad because of blah blah and blah.  When the 2008 elections was going on I tuned into the News and listen to every candidates policies and views, even though once they are in the office they do what ever they want to, and made my decision based off of that.  I am a democrat by nature but I am slowly turning not to be on any side but to be an American and want whats best for the whole nation.  This means my views on politics could change every year to year decade who knows.  After the election I have had, don't take this in offense, but multiple white people came up to me and bluntly said ," You voted for Obama didn't you?"  In the back of my head I was like I can not believe you just told me that.  Everyone made the 2008 election seem like a White verse Black bout.  If Obama was a republican I would have never voted for him. 

Knowledge to Reaper----Do not let anyone tell you that your opinion is wrong nor your Point of View.

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