Friday, May 7, 2010

ken Block aka Gymkhana Master


Ken Block has have youtube going crazy with his insane drifting skills or more formally known as gymkhana.  Ken is the co owner of DC shoes and an inspiring rally driver who is know competing in the World Rally Championship.  He has the been one of a few Americans that has every competed in the WRC.  Ken has also participated in Summer Xgames regularly as well as the Baha 1000 2009 in Mexico.  Ken says that in the off season his Gymkhana sessions are a way to sharpen his skills for rally racing.  With over 12 million hits on youtube this guy is more than a fan favorite in the motor sport industry.

He has a new project coming up his third Gymkhana video.  How rare his care was debuted on 4/20, of all dates to choose.

Driving the way he does takes years and years of practice, knowledge, and skillfully applying certain concepts like throttle control, braking, entering and exiting corners and etc.  I wonder how many kids wrecked their cars trying to do similar stunts that Ken does for a hobby let alone for fun.  Good thing he lives out in Cali where there are vast abandoned airports to practice on as well as dirt for that good ol rally feeling--->

Knowledge for thought------he is one crazy Cali native.

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