Thursday, May 6, 2010

Gumball Rally 3000 2010

There are only a few vehicles that the average person can afford in this thing haha.  Gumball 3000 Why is it called the gumball rally?  I know the 3000 represents the mileage or kilometers they travel between various countries.  According to good old Wiki, the race represents 3000 mileage of driving on public roads, which takes out the notion of having 600hp vehicles.  Good thing it doesn't rely on speed and time because it is not the average speed vs. time race.  There has been various incidents with drivers getting citations because of speeding and even cars being confiscated, and some even jailed because of their speeding!  But it is more of a road trip, adventure, site seeing event more than anything.  And showing off fast, exotic, classic cars as well. 

The event started in 1999, damn now I feel old when people research it, and over the years the vehicles have been more outrageous then the previous year.  More or less you have an entry fee of $46,000.....good luck with that buddy.

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