Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My current job as a co-op

My current job is being an intern for a company called CMI whom contracts me out to Capital One.  The atmosphere is so so, relaxed for the most part and stressful when things need to get done before 5p.m. when they tell you at 4:30p.m.  Although, I wouldn't have thought to go to culinary school if I didn't get an IT job like this.  This job made me realize that the IT world isn't for me, i need chaos and yelling in my ear 24/7 in order for me to strive and climb ladders.  Every time someone at Capital One gives me work to do I knock it out as fast as possible, leaving me bored for the remaining time of the day.  Mornings are kind of busy but not really because I know the tasks I have to do.  I currently help out three departments at Capital One.  Why?  Well when I first got there I as automatically assigned to two groups, one dealt with testing, and the other managing source code is what they call it.  A couple of months down the road I hopped on another department and they offer me more work then the other two combined but I like being busy the whole day.  There is nothing like coming home tired as hell and beat up, after training of course, because that is when you know you accomplished something.  Like i ran off topic earlier, in the morning I'm kind of busy but after lunch, kill me.  Every single job I had forbid me to sit down and now I have a job that I have to sit down and it kills me.  When I don't have work to do i get up and walk around.  The other computer people stay on their computers for hours at a time til its lunch or time to leave or use the bathroom, which is once a week for some people.  Look on the bright side I got free pens for work. 

Knowledge for thought--------follow your dreams.

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  1. good post. I definitely feel you about the desk job. I realize the only thing I enjoy about computers is creating things, and that's why I like startups instead of the big offices, etc. i hope your culinary dreams go well.