Thursday, May 6, 2010


People make it seem like its the ultimate communication platform there is.  People will ask, "Do I have you on facebook?"  In my case this doesn't mean anything because I'm that dude that just blends in with everything and let me hobbies and interests express themselves.  I mean yeah its good to stay in touch with high school, college friends but most of the time its a gateway to online addiction.  Online addiction is if you find yourself addicted to being on online social media outlets like Twitter, facebook, myspace, etc.  I have all three but i limit my use.  Usually on facebook i just see what everyone is up too and talk to a view "selected" people here and there and update here and there but nothing extreme.  I mean nothing extreme because most peoples pages have so many widgets or applications that just makes their page look messy. 

I do applaud for those who use Facebook for the right purposes, getting the message out, remembering someone, events, promotion, advertising etc.  Even though advertising is annoying from time to time for random ads that do not apply to me what so ever. 

Oh well seems like being an average person online means i guess I'm not talking to people, girls, the right way.  If I don't have an interest in you why would I b.s. with ya you know.  If I'm talking like, " hey how are you...what are you getting into....."  making a conversation do you think i want anything else???  In this day in age saying good morning means " you're attractive I want to get with you" for some strange odd reason.  I am mentioning this because there has been multiple times in which people say, "you deleted me off facebook!!!"  to those persons i guess that's the ultimate slap in the face or something.  In my eyes and people who don't care about the Internet like that we say, "its just facebook..."  And if i do have someone on facebook and try to make sure they're alive and well i get oh I'm about to get off here; even though they have been online for hours at a time..hmmmmm don't complain about facebook and not do anything about it.  The whole point of social Media sites is either catch up with old friends, get to know people, network, advertise, campaign, inspire.  A good phrase that a Hip-Hop artist of mine i love says "ON TO THE NEXT ONE" this phrase can be used for anything and everything!!!

Knowledge for thought------Its just Facebook nothing more nothing less...

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