Monday, May 3, 2010


 How can someone describe the word or act of Terrorism?? People use this word more in todays society than the past for some strange reason.  Looks like every time if there is a foreign threat or person coming to the U.S. from the middle eastern region is automatically referred to as a terrorist regardless of the act.  Well, except for the underwear bomber who is African but also had Muslin ties but the other 99.99% of the cases. People now consider terrorist to be Muslim even though that every single terrorist attack has been committed by a Muslim or someone of Muslim faith.  Fact# if every Muslim in the world was a terrorist/suicide bomber do you think the Muslim faith would still continue??  If terrorism is described as violent acts against non-combatants, also known as civilians, as spreading terror and unlawful acts of violence and war; wouldn't other cases in the United States be considered as terrorism?  For example the shootings at  Columbine, wouldn't that be considered as terrorism? But for some reason this incident is categorized as something different, in the school shootings section I believe.  This horrible event has the right definition as terrorism but not terrorism directly.  The Virginia Tech massacre when one alone gun man shot and killed unarmed students, civilians, but not terrorism why?? Because non of these persons where Muslim?  The Muslim faith are very faithful people to themselves as well as to others.

 Knowledge for thought: Think on your own do not let the media ruin your perspective on life and individuals.

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