Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Comes to the point that we live in a time and era that we get things simply because we want something.  For example, my dad has an ipod, iphone, ipad, imac and soon that itv thing for the tv.  But I think when it comes to technology it can be understood.  For more realistic examples is that most of us eat when we want to not when we have too.  Drive past someone and say, "I'm in the mood for this or that" instead of, "I'm starving what can i eat."  Walk past a store in the mall and think i need to have those shoes or jacket, wear it for a month or two and dont wear it again.  Hell i havent bought an item of clothing in a while, does that make me cheap or dirty?  Perhaps I have better use for my money like gas, food, and alcohol for some strange reason. 

While we eat when we see something good, which is ok because that is psychological,  others around the world have to decide to either eat or drink water.  This past weekend when i was volunteering, at a table there was a collection of bottles half way emptied of water and the person did not take it.  There was around 7 bottles i threw away and made me sick that people in Haiti were killing each other over that and we can just walk away from it.

We have came to an age in which we use every resource known to man and realize, oh sh!t we might run out of this or that lets find other ways to create, consume, save energy.  Which is a good approach but selection when we use everything like there's no tomorrow.  This may sound corny but Agent Smith in the matrix made a revelation that a human being isnt a mammal.  I can say this is true because, unlike humans, mammals adapt to their environment and ecosystem  and live with everything around it.  Us humans on the other hand consume consume consume and then move on somewhere else multiple and do the same thing.

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