Monday, June 7, 2010

Attention Span While Driving

 What happen to going from point A to point B safely and fully aware?  Not anymore.  We care more about food, music(for me), phone calls, texts, etc.  Driving is described as a controlled operation of a land vehicle. Is getting something in the drive through really going to be cold by the time you get home?  MICROWAVE.  OVEN.  Or even better.  COOK THE FOOD YOUR DAMN SELF.  Eating and driving disgusts me more than people evading my personal space ( 60/40).  I was guilty of this act when i was younger when i didnt know what a moving vehicle can do to another moving vehicle.  I dont care how hungry you are and if you are pull over, eat, gain weight, then be on your way. 

Phones and driving i was guilty, a little am, in the past of using the phone and driving at the same time.  But then again when you drive a manual you get use to multitasking so it doesnt seem like a crime to us.  No text is too important not to answer its like an email.  It gets sent there is no urgent option so you do not have to read it asap!  Phone calls while driving, researchers now say even when you have a blue tooth device you will still be distracted the same as if you didnt have one in.  What I do is when someone calls either call them back when im not driving anymore, answer and say i'll call you back, or just take a voicemail.

People need to realize they are in control of a 2-3 ton machine and any little jerk here or there can mane or even kill people including yourself.  Of course people do not realize this on the main interstates going 70mph plus on the phone or eating or texting.  You are liable for the actions that happen between you and the car.  When something happens you rear end someone or fender bender my take is no excuse.

knowledge for thought----->>>>People are getting to comfortable when driving which leads to accidents

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