Thursday, September 23, 2010


I love culinary school so far, even though i got stitches, its going good so far.  I'm about to start studying Asian cuisine heavily.

Other then that time to move on with this B.S. job and B.S. place im living in.  The job is terrible because i have to rely on customers to buy the high dollar wines, the high dollar foods, and order alot of food.  I have to rely on the customers to tips a certain percent and rely on the server that he or she wont mess up the order.  Then I have to clean up after grown ass men and women who think they are on top of the world.

Pretty much a bus boy in this day in age is like the plankton in the sea, you know its there but you cant really see them nor pay attention to them.  Then again half the time when these stuck up people ask me a question and see how i respond they realize im educated.

Knowledge for thought----> Keep an open mind.

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